Our staff

Nora Gonzalez

13th Year – Office Coordinator
Nora is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She is an expert in office procedure. Nora is fluent in Spanish and English. She is reliable, efficient and works hard to solve your medically related problems. Nora is highly trained with electronic medical records and will furnish your labs and visit notes at the conclusion of every visit, should you require.

Deborah Booth

7th Year – Receptionist
Deb "checks you in" and initiates your appointment with a warm greeting. She processes vital information regarding insurance status. She will review your medications thoroughly at every visit, utilizing our electronic medical record. If you have medication renewals, new medical information from other physicians or referral requests, Deb is the person to notify.

Lorena "Lori" Cajina

5th Year – Office Assistant
If you require referrals to and from other physicians, Lori is an expert at coordinating your needs. She typically generates a referral by the end of your same-day visit with us. Lori is highly skilled with electronic medical records. She is studying to become a pharmacist and is adept at recognizing your medical needs. Your initial phone contact as a new patient is often with Lori, who determines the urgency of your medical needs.